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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide high quality purebred puppies and dogs to Serious Dog Lovers in South Africa. We accomplish this by working only with Top Class Breeders from the Finest Champion Bloodlines in South Africa. We are dedicated to encouraging and promoting responsible ownership, training, breeding and exhibiting of this wonderful breed. We value Honesty and High Ethical Standards and offer the most complete and Hassle-Free Service possible.

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Pic/MonthHappy Easter.

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Pic/MonthPretty Lady
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About KUSA

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa aims to serve both its members and South African society, as a whole, by promoting the improvement and well-being of dogs, by emphasizing the importance of purebred dogs; responsible breeding of all dogs; by promoting responsible ownership to all ages and sectors of society by reinforcing the necessity of educating both dog and owner, through the Canine Good Citizen Scheme. The South African Kennel Club, now known as the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, was founded in 1891.
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About CanineSA

Welcome to the first alternative Canine Registration Body in South Africa. For the first time CanineSA will be offering a comprehensive registration service for breeders in South Africa. A group of dedicated breeders decided on forming an alternative registration service for canines. The primary view is to establish an affordable and respected services to breeders. This website has been designed to help and support dog owners throughout the entire lifecycle; from buying a dog to owning and living with their dog. Facebook for CanineSA Logo

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